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2021 Retrospective

Hey, everyone! We did it. We survived 2021! This devlog will be the last of the year and in it, we’ll talk a bit about what we’re working on as we approach our holiday break and we’ll also look back on the year. Last call As the new year approaches, we’ll be working on finishing…

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Our Writing Process

Hey, everyone! This week we wanted to share a bit about our writing process. Inspiration As we’ve said before, we like to work from writing first. But usually we have to start somewhere, and that usually happens in the inspiration stage. When we decide what we want to work on next, we start brainstorming the…

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Devlog Update 12/1/21

Hey, everyone! Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been working on over the last couple weeks. Assets Sprites We’ve started first pass designs, walk cycles and idle animations for each character sprite that will be appearing in the prototype. This includes the player character, four NPCs and a nebulous antagonist character. Tile Sets We…

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