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Rocket Adrift is a Toronto-based indie game studio made up of game designers Sloane Smith, Lindsay Rollins and Titus McNally.

Our Mission as a developer is to tell personal narratives that highlight the perspectives of LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC experiences while also showcasing an outsider lens to Canadian culture.

We aim to emotionally enrich underrepresented players through gameplay and storytelling, and endear others to the struggles of our diverse characters with humor and unflinching honesty.

By 2025 the studio will be contributing to the conversation of diversifying perspectives in the industry through it's projects as well as provide fulfilling positions for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ at our studio.

We are also the hosts of the Cyberpunk actual play podcast Dark Future Dice, available on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

Meet The Team


Writer, Programmer, Character Artist


Writer, programmer, and lead character artist with background in animation. Worked on several projects with Rocket Adrift including Order A Pizza: A Visual Novel and Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance, and Psychroma.

Lindsay plays Barb the Solo in our podcast Dark Future Dice: A Cyberpunk Red Podcast.

SLOANE SMITH (she/her)

Writer, Composer, Background Artist

An accomplished musician who's worked on several projects as background designer, audio engineer, writer and composer for Order A Pizza: A visual Novel and Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance.

Sloane plays DP the Fixer on our podcast Dark Future Dice: A Cyberpunk Red Podcast.

TITUS McNALLY (he/him)

Writer, Lead Programmer, UI/UX Designer

Lead Programmer and UI designer, as well as Game Designer and Writer on Order A Pizza: A Visual Novel and Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance and Psychroma.

Titus is the GM/Referee on Dark Future Dice.


The Rocket Adrift Team plays Cyberpunk 2020 in this intense and comedic Actual Play Podcast. Follow the misadventures of DP the Streetdealing Fixer and Barb the No-nonsense Solo as they navigate their way through the Dark Future.


A visual novel where you play as a divorced dad trying to order the perfect pizza.

A visual novel dating sim about a teen girl who moves to a small secret community of cryptids. Romance a magical Fairy, a sensitive Sasquatch and a bold Velociraptor. A satirical 90's teen drama about trying to find love in your last year of high school.

Psychroma is a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. Confront the past by piecing together the broken memories of a cybernetic house, and exorcise the ghosts in the machine.

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