A Cyborg Elephant Man – 4 WTF She-Ra Characters and Toys

She-ra like any show dedicated to selling toys had a bit of a problem. The writers had to take a bunch of plastic toys that a company had dreamed up and somehow try to make it all work in a (somewhat) coherent story. Sometimes it seems like the toy company was really throwing spaghetti at the wall. And I’m not talking about the two-headed six-legged monster or the Leech-man with suction cup hands. I’m talking about the REALLY weird ones.

This is my list of 4 WTF Characters/Toys on She-ra.

1. Stonedar and the Rock People

Stonedar is the leader of the Rock People from the planet Geolon. The Rock People are dedicated to non-violence and are on a scouting mission to find a new planet to live on because their sun is due to explode. Stonedar’s buddy named (I kid you not) Rokkon, is captured by the evil Hordak while checking out She-ra’s planet of Etheria.

Luckily the Rock People have an incredible ability (and when I say incredible ability I should probably just dial it back and stick to the facts). Here it goes: luckily the Rock People can turn into Rocks.


It was a feature of their action figure counterparts.

In the cartoon they really only use it to fall out of the sky, so it’s just a transportation method. They try to reason with Hordak and need to get bailed out by She-ra and her friends when that works as well as you can imagine. In the End, they decide to live on Etheria in a rocky crag with some trolls and remain committed to the whole non-violence thing.

2. Catra’s Pink Lion and Pegasus


Speaking of methods of transportation that make no sense. This is Catra.


She turns into a Panther.  That’s kinda like her thing.

It’s pretty glorious.

So I guess you’d be forgiven if you assumed that when she needed to get around she would just transform or use a Horde vehicle. Yeah, that’s true. For the most part. But she also has options.

Like this Pink Lion named Clawdeen:

And this Pegasus named Storm:

Now Clawdeen only appeared in one episode of She-ra where he gets trapped in a mine by Bow and is never seen or heard from again (I assume he starved to death because I always assume the worst). And the only proof that I could find of Storm’s existence are the toy, so I guess it never made it into the cartoon.

3. Snout Spout: The Cyborg Elephant Man/Firefighter

Snout Spout is a Cyborg with a human body and an elephant head. I don’t know what else there is to say about him really. He only shows up in Cameo appearances and doesn’t get much in the way of character development. But the Grayskull Wiki reveals some interesting facts about him:

  1. In his first appearance he is referred to as “Hose Nose.”
  2. In the He-man and She-ra Christmas Special he uses his nose to put the star on their Christmas Tree.
  3. I also say he’s a firefighter because he carries an ax and shoots water out of his nose. That’s not really a fact, more of a guess.
If he came to save me from a fire, I probably would just stay and get burned.

Apparently there was a planned episode that never got made where it was going to be revealed that his race is called the Hosers. So I also guess that he is originally from a small town in Canada and uses his Trunk to make Hockey rinks in the winter.

4. Mosquitor the Mosquito Man with a Chest Full of Blood.

Another Cyborg in the “let’s put different heads on a human body” vain. Mosquitor has a transparent chest so everyone can see him fill up with the blood of his victims.

The action figure’s special feature is a switch on his back, which when pressed caused his chest to flow with blood.

Mosquitor was one of the last toys to be released before the demise of the Masters of the Universe toyline. So he never made an animated appearance. Which is probably for the best because he seems way to dark for a show about a magic princess who rides a pegasus.


This is by no means a definitive list and it doesn’t include He-Man characters so stay tuned for more.

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