6 Reasons Why Wolverine is the Best X-Man

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I’m still high off of the viewing experience with Logan. So I thought it was an appropriate time to state that yes, Wolverine is awesome. And also he has unwittingly clawed his way to my favorite X-man. Perhaps it’s the vindication of finally having a superb stand-alone movie that the franchise doesn’t grant the other characters. Perhaps it’s the anger and bitterness of his character that resonates with me and my personality. But my personal leanings aside may I present 6 reasons as to why Wolverine is the best X-man.

1. He’s Canadian.

Weapon X program

I know, I know that’s a bit of a biased point, but I’m Canadian so I can’t help it. Also, Canadians don’t have any good, memorable superheroes, I mean come on! Captain Canuck? North Star?! Ugh! The only other close second is probably Deadpool, and I wasn’t even made aware of his nationality without googling it. I feel that Wolverine being a Canadian is a cornerstone to his character journey instead of a trivial detail. He also proves that not every Canadian is polite, forthcoming or slightly stupid.

2. He gets around a lot.

And now with 100% more aggression

Wolverine has always been a proclaimed “loner” type, making it hard for him to only stick around for the X-men. Throughout the comics he’s teamed up with multiple Marvel teams including The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fantastic Four. Not to mention his debut in the marvel world included him duking it out with The Incredible Hulk

3. He lives for a long time.

interesting story, terrible movie

Because Wolverine’s history is so rich it gives the Marvel franchise (and Hollywood producers) a lot to work with. This is may also unfortunately contribute to the numerous terrible Wolverine movies leading up to Logan (2017) … Anyways, no part of Wolverine’s history is ever boring and it gives you endless places to jump in and enjoy a good story.

4. He’s one of a Kind

“I’m the best at what I do but what I do best is not very nice.”

Save for his incredible daughter, Wolverine and his skills are fairly stand-alone. There may be some other similar characters such as Mariko Yashida who in the 90’s X-men Animated series appears as a Morlock leader with long, sharp fingernails. But Wolverine is the only one bearing adamantium claws for life.

5. Self-Healing Powers

Just a little scratch in the paint. No biggie.

Wolverine can self-heal quickly as a part of his mutant powers. What makes this interesting is that though he is hard to kill, he’s not impervious to pain. Throughout his history he’s lived through excruciatingly painful experiences, nearly died and in some tellings it even hurts him to draw his adamantium claws. Another aspect of his healing abilities allows him to live longer than other people. This means he often outlives the ones he loves. But Wolverine is not immortal, he can die if he is beheaded by an carbonadium-laced sword , if he drowns and in some comics Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton is poisoning him and will slowly kill him through old age.

6. He’s versatile

Finally, a comprehensive metamorphosis of Hugh Jackman to Huge Jacked-man.

He can be the one-dimensional angry gruff dude from the animated series, the deeply tortured complex character of the X-men movie franchise or an all out maniac who frequently goes on killing sprees. He even has moments of introspection like a lonesome cowboy wandering through the Marvel franchise. But whatever form he takes, I can always find something of myself in his character and I think that’s true for many other X-Men fans as well.


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