Movies From My Teens – How Kill Bill Changed My Life

Almost every film appreciator has had a film in his or her life that had changed their whole perspective on the movie-going experience. For some it happened at a young, impressionable age. For others their film – epiphany hadn’t happened until much later. Either way, we wanted to share a series here with you where the creators of Rocket Adrift talk about the movies that changed their perspectives from a young age. Hopefully you will have shared a similar experience or may discover some great films that you may not have seen before. This week I am going to talk about kill Bill Vol. 1.

Kill Bill (Vol. 1)

Truthfully the first time I had laid eyes on Kill Bill was at an inappropriate age – I was ten and very much into cartoons and anime. Because Kill Bill has and amazing animated sequence towards the second act I thought maybe I would find something of interest to me. But being rather young and sensitive I was deeply disturbed by the blood, gore and violence of the scene. Scared away, I didn’t want anything more to do with that film.
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Fast forward eight years and I am now desperate to learn about all the films I had missed  and happened across Quentin Tarantino’s collection. I was curious about Kill Bill but also still wary from the last experience I had watching it. I had to make myself comfortable, take it slow in a sense.

Elle Driver
California Mountain Snake

Not only had I found a kindred spirit with Uma Thurman’s protagonist, I cheered her on. The intensity of her situations, her take-no-prisoners attitude and her determination is infectious. The action is not like any I had seen in a long time – a parody of classic Kung-Fu complete with campy sound effects and funky music. I absolutely loved it and wondered how I could have passed on it until then.

gogo kill bill

It wasn’t long after that I ended up watching the second volume (however I was left somewhat disappointed by the ending – it was not quite as explosive as the first installment I thought). I now listen to the soundtrack on an almost weekly basis. Every time a revenge fantasy plays through my head I see Uma Thurman’s menacing leer through an arresting red filter. The imagery will stick with me forever.

*** Kiddo
Black Mamba Stare

Kill Bill was like my gateway drug for all Quentin Tarantino movies and it still remains my favourite of all of his work. Every kung-fu action movie will be held up against Kill Bill for me, which makes it a tough contender. I truly hope Hollywood continues to make great, bloody, fun, R-rated debauchery films like Kill Bill. Now more than ever I could use a good action flick.

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