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There have been some new changes rolling out over the past month and we’d like to share some of these changes with you.

  1. We have decided to stop the Make it Better! Podcast. We felt that the podcast wasn’t completely aligned with what we wanted our company to represent.
  2. Without the Make it Better Podcast there will not be any Podcartoons as well. We’ve decided that the Podcartoon was diverting a lot of our efforts to create new series and the production set-up for the Podcartoon we found was too demanding for our weekly schedules.
  3. We are replacing the Make it Better Podcast with an exclusive monthly Patreon podcast highlighting behind the scenes info and our creative process. We felt that patrons would get more out of this podcast.

We will be launching a new animated series in the spring called The Infringers, about small-time super heroes struggling to stay relevant in the Marvel franchise world. We are very proud of it so far and can’t wait to launch it for you!

Thanks for sticking with us through all these changes. Be sure to catch The Infringers this season!

We here at Rocket Adrift are so excited to officially announce our new animated show “The Infringers” to be released this spring. The show is inspired by our love of Saturday morning cartoons in the superhero genre.

It focuses on three main characters each one with their own distinct superpowers and personal neuroses. Together they are the Infringers, a league of super heroes that don’t have the same budget fame or talent that groups like The Avengers of The X Men do.

Episodes will be Saturdays at 11am eastern pacific time, with early weekly releases and bonus episodes available for patrons.

Check out our podcast and cartoons.

If you want to help us on our new journey and want to learn more check out our Patreon page.

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