Psychroma X Future of Play

Hey, everyone! I know it has been a minute since our last post, but we thought we would update the devlog with an exciting announcement – Psychroma has launched a new trailer and release date through the Future of Play Direct showcase!Our new trailer features never before seen gameplay, new branding, a new song and…

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Pitching Psychroma

Hey, everyone! We have been focusing on putting together pitch decks and sending them out to publishers and investors over the last couple of months. So we thought it would be useful to share what we’ve learned over the process! Here are some steps we took as well as some tips we learned while pitching…

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Seeking Funding for Psychroma

Hey, everyone! For the past month or so, we have been diving into getting funding for Psychroma and looking into different sources and the expectations of each type. We thought we would share some of our findings with you on this week’s devlog. Here in Canada there are primarily three different sectors for funding –…

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