Dark Future Dice: A Cyberpunk Actual Play Podcast

The banner art for book 3 of Dark Future Dice: A Cyberpunk Red Podcast

Dark Future Dice is a Cyberpunk 2020 Role-playing podcast featuring the Rocket Adrift team. Book 3: The Imposter is available now!

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Lindsay plays Barb, a vicious assassin with a heart of gold. Pat plays D.P., a smooth-talking criminal with low self-confidence. Titus is the Game Master/Refree. Together they uncover mysterious corporate conspiracies, help dystopian communities under siege from the fallout of environmental disaster, and put their bodies and minds on the line for the ones they love all to eke out an existence in the world of Cyberpunk Red.

Cyberpunk Red is a table-top role-playing game by R Talsorian Games.

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