Devlog Update 12/1/21

Hey, everyone!

Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been working on over the last couple weeks.



We’ve started first pass designs, walk cycles and idle animations for each character sprite that will be appearing in the prototype. This includes the player character, four NPCs and a nebulous antagonist character.

character sprite line up

Tile Sets

We have been moving forward with tile sets and designing wall patterns and props that would fit into an old, decrepit house for our prototype setting. This includes appliances, furniture, miscellaneous props and set dressing as well as technologically advanced props. We are also adding animated background elements to bring the environment to life


Rowan has begun composing rough motifs for dramatic/special moments that we want to happen in the prototype as well as 1st pass sound effects like footsteps, beeps, boops and any other foley-type things we will need for player input.


We have finished the outlining phase and are moving on to putting dialogue and programming together. Rowan has been furiously throwing together first pass dialogue and working closely with Titus on where and how to implement the writing into the case system Titus created for all the events and rooms in Arcweave.


As well as building out a comprehensive guide to how the events in the prototype will come together, Titus has been laying track and building out the shell of events, rooms, objects, sprites and lighting in Gamemaker. Every meeting day he shares an updated version of the build that showcases the progress made. It’s always very exciting seeing the work start to come together at the Gamemaker stage!

A room with placeholder art and dialogue

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

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