Production Planning

By Rocket Adrift | January 13, 2022

Happy new year, everyone! We’ve started off 2022 with some housekeeping, organization, planning for pitching and formulating our pipeline and deadlines for the first quarter. We’ve managed to plot out a rough overview of a production schedule with tentative deadlines. For the next few months we will be focusing on building the Steam page, pitching…

2021 Retrospective

By Rocket Adrift | December 15, 2021

Hey, everyone! We did it. We survived 2021! This devlog will be the last of the year and in it, we’ll talk a bit about what we’re working on as we approach our holiday break and we’ll also look back on the year. Last call As the new year approaches, we’ll be working on finishing…

Our Writing Process

By Rocket Adrift | December 9, 2021

Hey, everyone! This week we wanted to share a bit about our writing process. Inspiration As we’ve said before, we like to work from writing first. But usually we have to start somewhere, and that usually happens in the inspiration stage. When we decide what we want to work on next, we start brainstorming the…

Devlog Update 12/1/21

By Lindsay Rollins | December 1, 2021

Hey, everyone! Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been working on over the last couple weeks. Assets Sprites We’ve started first pass designs, walk cycles and idle animations for each character sprite that will be appearing in the prototype. This includes the player character, four NPCs and a nebulous antagonist character. Tile Sets We…

Devlog 25/11/21

By Lindsay Rollins | November 25, 2021

Challenges we are facing with this project Hey, everyone!  We thought that sharing some challenges we will be/are facing with this project would be useful and interesting, especially for those looking to start their own game project. These challenges are pretty specific to our needs and wants as Rocket Adrift, but some people may find…

Devlog 17/11/21

By Lindsay Rollins | November 17, 2021

Breakdown of the tools we use for game development & more Hey, everyone! This week along with continuing work on the prototype, we are going to do a deep-dive on some of the tools we have been and will use for development on “Psychroma”. Game Engine: Gamemaker Studio 2 Firstly, figuring out what game engine…

Devlog 11/11/21

By Lindsay Rollins | November 11, 2021

Hey, everyone! To bring you up to speed We have already started some work on our prototype in the last couple of months. We have gone through a couple iterations of what the pitch will look like as well as what we want to include in the vertical slice of gameplay we want to show…

New Game in Development

By Rocket Adrift | November 3, 2021

Hey, everyone! If you have been following us on our socials, then you may already be aware. But for those of you who haven’t, we’ve officially begun development on a new game! There are some questions you may have, so allow us to answer at least some of them.