Being A Star Wars Fan Is Too Much Work

When a Star Wars fan tries to watch Empire Strikes Back her friends complicate everything with stuff like the Holiday Special and Battle For Endor.

Being In A Band Sucks

An animated cartoon about the frustration of trying to have a jam session with your friends.

First Time Getting Stoned

An animated cartoon about the dangers of getting stoned for the first time.

Catra From HR | Office Luncheon

April 6, 2018

Flowers and pillows drugs inside your mind Kitty cats and cupcakes covered in fur They’re furry furry furry, touch them, pet them.

Catra From HR | Business Opportunity

April 6, 2018

Now that Jeff is finally leaving Synergism, he will need new a job opportunity. It just so happens that Catra has the perfect business opportunity for a spunky up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Catra From HR | Meal Plan

April 6, 2018

What the employees of Synergism need is some healthy food. Luckily, Catra is put in charge of the office meal plan!

Launching The Rocket Adrift Animated Series

We are so excited to be launching the Rocket Adrift Animated Series.

It’s about three weirdo artists living together in Toronto and barely scraping by.

These are really busy times for us, getting everything ready for the new show.  But we are so excited for you to see it. We think it’s our best work yet and we can’t wait to hear what you think.


-Pat, Lindsay, and Titus


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