Psycho-Analyze Me, Please

When Kelly wants to desperately be a part of the Netflix list trash party, Kirsten attempts to figure Kelly out through his list.

The Unwanted Facebook Message

When Skylar goes to delete his Facebook account he is caught off guard by a message from an old high school friend.

A Weekend Alone

Kirsten gets the apartment to herself for the weekend. She uses it to procrastinate on her design project.

Band Fights Are Stupid

June 6, 2018

An animated cartoon about the battle of egos over the direction of a fake band and why band fights are stupid.

Gross Craft Beer

May 30, 2018

An animated cartoon about tasting your friend’s bizarre craft beer.

Being A Star Wars Fan Is Too Much Work

May 23, 2018

When a Star Wars fan tries to watch Empire Strikes Back her friends complicate everything with stuff like the Holiday Special and Battle For Endor.

The End of the Rocket Adrift Animated Series

We have had a very difficult discussion this week and as a group we have made the decision to end the Rocket Adrift Animated Series. The last episode will be out for Patrons on August 15th and for the public on August 22nd.

It has been very a difficult and emotional decision to come to for all of us. However, this does not mean the end of Rocket Adrift as an animation studio. We are absolutely going to continue making animated cartoons.

Before we embark on the next project, we have decided to take a short break and a long hard look at our plan. We need to take time to make good decisions for our future and to decompress from the physical and emotional impact of the end of a project that has taken up most of our lives for several months.

We appreciate all the support and hope you will stick with us through this transition. Over the next couple of months, when we feel ready to do so, we hope to share openly and honestly with our audience the specific reasons for our decision and how it has affected us.

Thank you all for being some of the best people in our lives, we love you all and we hope our next endeavor is deserving of your incredible kindness and enthusiastic support.



Pat, Lindsay and Titus


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