What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Skylar and Kelly discover a mortifying detail in Kirsten’s logo design.

Dirty Dancing Netflix List

When the gang finds out Kirsten’s Netflix list, they are surprised to find out her secret obsession…

You Can’t Buy Pizza With Bitcoins

Kelly discovers the uselessness of digital crypto-currency when he makes a terrible investment.

Catra From HR | Corporate Video

April 6, 2018

Catra has made a masterpiece video that she’s uploaded to YouTube, but why is nobody watching?

Catra From HR | Employee Review

November 6, 2017

Jeff discovers he can get an extra $50 on his severance if he fills out a review with Catra. He just has to answer a few questions, but Catra makes it personal.

Launching The Rocket Adrift Animated Series

We are so excited to be launching the Rocket Adrift Animated Series.

It’s about three weirdo artists living together in Toronto and barely scraping by.

These are really busy times for us, getting everything ready for the new show.  But we are so excited for you to see it. We think it’s our best work yet and we can’t wait to hear what you think.


-Pat, Lindsay, and Titus


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Pat, Lindsay, and Titus are three people making an animated cartoon show called Rocket Adrift.

Go to our Patreon Page to find out more about how this cartoon is made and how you can support it.

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