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Next up Make it Better! Podcast Episode #4: Join Pat, Lindsay and Titus for a blast from the past as they watch Michael Crichton’s follow up to Jurassic Park: Congo (1995).

It’s easy to be confused in while watching Congo, and the crew aim to clear things up by asking questions like: Is that the eye of Sauron? Did that gorilla just drink a martini? Where are all the lasers? And Why does Tim Curry have a weird accent?

Amy the gorilla smokes cigars and drinks martinis like James bond.

Pat Titus and Lindsay see the potential inside Congo as they try to make it better. They attempt to cut the fat and create a more interesting character dynamics. Do they make a better movie out of this forgotten relic? You decide.

Side Notes:

The book Congo was written in 1980 and the book Jurassic Park was written in 1990.

Congo (1995):


Frank Marshall


Michael Crichton (novel), John Patrick Shanley (screenplay)


Laura Linney, Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Dylan Walsh

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