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Welcome to a Make it Better! Podcast update.

My name is Pat and I’m your host I’m here to tell you that the podcast is going on an indefinite hiatus for time being.

Me Titus and Lindsay all came to the decision after finding that our focus was divided and our passions lay with the new animation projects that we’re currently working on.

We understand how this can be a bit of a bummer for the awesome people like you who listen to the podcast.

But just because we’re taking time off from the podcast doesn’t mean that Rocket Adrift is going anywhere.

We’re really excited about the two animated series that are in the works right now and we hope that you’ll enjoy them the way you have enjoyed the Make it better Podcast.

Lastly we want to thank everyone who’s listens to the podcast with a big shout out to wasLiving for sticking with us and being a part of the podcast.

One more time Thanks for listening.

The Make it Better! Podcast:

We watch infamously BAD MOVIES, tear them apart and them challenge each other to make a BETTER FILM.

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