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Make it Better! Podcast

Hello Pat here from Rocket Adrift with one last update for you.

After talking it over with Lindsay and Titus: we’ve all decided to officially cancel the Make it better podcast.

Rocket Adrift is launching a new Patreon exclusive podcast that will be the spiritual successor to the Make it Better Podcast. The format will be a bit more casual (if that’s possible) including some talk of our current projects, influences and of course us trashing bad movies. We’re calling it the Rocket adrift podcast, it will be released once a month on Patreon and will be available at the one dollar and above tier.

The first Episode is about cartoons that have influenced us, (Good and Bad) and will be out later this month.Me Lindsay and Titus have thoroughly enjoyed making the Make it Better podcast and are so thankful to you the listener for being a part of it.

Once again Thanks for Listening.

The Make it Better! Podcast:

We watch infamously BAD MOVIES, tear them apart and them challenge each other to make a BETTER FILM.

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