is a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. Confront the past by piecing together the broken memories of a cybernetic house, and exorcise the ghosts in the machine.

Investigate a haunted cybernetic house as a drifter with the ability to experience nonlinear time.

Regain your own memory of what brought you here and find out how to break the loop.

Uncover the events of a harrowing psychological experiment gone wrong through fragmented memories.


/THE YEAR IS 2489.

Acid rain rots away exposed rebar in the half-developed megacity once known as Toronto. Humanity modifies itself at a frequency never seen before. A housing crisis not only endangers the market, but the displaced and unhoused. One dilapidated house, only referred to as The Commons, is the center of our story. What was once meant to be a safe haven has turned against every occupant to have dwelled within.

You can't remember how you got here, and you are trapped inside. You must use a strange deck of memory cards holding the recorded memories of the past and present residents to manipulate time and navigate the house.

Tap into the ghost of this cyberpunk AI, but be careful...

You may open your mind up to an unstable system, making it hard to tell what's real or even who you are. Can you find out what caused this house to fall into chaos without losing your sense of self and time? Can you escape, or maybe leave this place better than how you found it?



  • Use a cybernetic memory card system to navigate through time.
  • Gain the perspective of others' stored memories.
  • Gain access to new parts of the house.
  • speakandspell


  • Use an interactive Ouija system to speak with ghosts and gather info that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Descramble memories by inputting keywords provided by the ghost in the machine.
  • Surgery(500x281)


  • Perform surgical procedures to help stabilize injured victims.
  • Uncover the debilitating effects of the Psychroma
  • Learn about the technology that unleashed the monster
  • glitchface_haze

    Possess the bodies of the digital ghosts of the past in order to recover memories, solve puzzles, and see through their perspectives.


    Original score.
    Sonically rich, layered music composed, written and performed by Sloane Smith.

    Traverse bespoke, cybernetically enhanced rooms, environments, and liminal spaces in a non-linear way.

    Mind-bending visuals.
    Unique art style, mixing pixel art and glitch art to create psychedelic imagery.

    Trans, disabled and BIPOC representation.

  • Play as a Non-binary, mixed-race protagonist
  • Explore a relationship between a trans woman and her disabled lesbian partner.
  • Engage with neurodivergent NPCs.
  • Download Presskit here.

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