Psychroma is a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. Confront the past by piecing together the broken memories of a cybernetic house, and exorcise the ghosts in the machine.

Play as a medium.
Investigate a haunted cybernetic house as a drifter with the ability to experience nonlinear time.

Face your trauma.
Regain your own memory of what brought you here and find out how to break the loop.

Fight the terror of the past.
Uncover the events of a harrowing psychological experiment gone wrong through fragmented memories.



The Threat
Agatha, the owner of the house is being held captive by the broken A.I. system, causing the memories of past residents to haunt the halls of the house.

The Mystery
You can't remember how you got here and you are trapped in a loop. You must use a strange deck of tarot cards to manipulate time and navigate the house.

The Mission
Exorcise the poltergeists that have taken over Agatha's scrambled memories.

Tap into the ghost of this cyberpunk AI, but be careful...

You may open your mind up to an unstable system, making it hard to tell what's real or even who you are. Can you find out what caused this house to fall into chaos without losing your sense of self and time? Can you escape, or maybe leave this place better than how you found it?



Nonlinear exploration.

- Use a cybernetic tarot system to navigate through time.
- Player choice dictates how to explore the house.

Environmental puzzle solving.

- Unlock new areas in timelines that were locked in others by changing objects in the environment.


- Allow the digital ghosts of the past to possess your body to descramble memories.

Discover clues.

- Keep track of your progress through fragmented computer logs.
- Interact with objects and NPCs to learn more about their stories.



Original score.
Aurally rich, layered music composed, written and performed by Rowan Smith.

Traverse bespoke, cybernetically enhanced rooms, environments, and liminal spaces in a non-linear way.

Mind-bending visuals.
Unique art style, mixing pixel art and glitch art to create psychedelic imagery.

Trans, disabled and BIPOC representation.

  • Play as a Non-binary, mixed-race protagonist
  • Explore a relationship between a trans woman and her disabled lesbian partner.
  • Engage with neurodivergent NPCs.
  • Download Presskit here.

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