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Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is a dating sim about a socially anxious teenage girl looking for romance with a conflicted magical Fairy, a sensitive loner Sasquatch and a bold and unpredictable Velociraptor.

Live this teen drama about the fear of change and finding hope in each other.

Live this '90s teen drama as Stella, who moves to a small town only to discover it's populated with hot Cryptid teens. In her last year of high school she's determined to make new friends, find romance, and smooch.

Dateable Characters

Day Lilly


Be charmed by Day, the magical fae (fairy) and self-deprecating but talented artist. Navigate her complicated relationship as she's haunted by the ghost of her ex-girlfriend.

Taylor Tall-Toe


Reunite with your childhood friend Taylor, the mysterious guitar-playing bigfoot. Discover why he's changed from the kid you once knew to the troubled teen he is now.

Robert Raptorson


Meet Robert, the once-popular sports dino-star and daredevil turned poet. Help him reckon with loss of his past snowboarding glories.

Play a branching story full of unique heartfelt romances. Share your innermost secrets over the phone. Collect tapes, poems, and comics from your crushes.

It's up to you to decide what Stella cuddles: WINGS, FUR, or SCALES!

Experience the story as the new girl in the fictional small town Ladle and it's close-knit community of bored, anxious teens and magical creatures. Help her come out of her  shell and have new experiences like:

  • House parties
  • Dirt-biking
  • Sitting in on your best friend's band practice
  • Make out sessions
  • Sleepovers
  • That one failed school group project

Reflect on your decisions, think about your crushes and spend time with your favourite characters  in moments such as:

  • Stargazing with Taylor The Bigfoot
  • Sitting in Stella's Bedroom window
  • Driving with your friends
  • Watching the sunset at Breakneck Gorge


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