Get ready to fight small-time crime

with the new Saturday morning super heroes The Infringers! From Instagram followers to invincibility, The Infringers do their best to stop crime in its tracks while maintaining peace and order amongst themselves (or at least try to).

Episodes Saturdays at 9 am eastern standard time!

The New Superhero Team are trying to decide on a new brand for their fledgling group.

The Infringers are on the Lookout for a low-level crime they can handle.

The INFRINGERS face their toughest challenges yet: basic math and good dental hygiene.

The Over-Sharer uses her psychic powers to uncover the mysteries of a discarded handgun

The INFRINGERS get a mysterious phone call from an informant.

The INFRINGERS find themselves in a pickle when the Sulk has fallen in an alleyway.

The super crew must find the nearest hospital when The Irritable Sulk finds himself in mortal peril! Can they do it in time?

This week: The Infringers will actually save the day this time! They just need to pick up a few things first.